LT Wallet Route Map


LT Wallet :Preparation Phase


LT Wallet: global node recruitment


LT Wallet: goes live on mainstream platforms one after another


LT Wallet: opens main network public test


LT Wallet: upgrade to improve the ecological construction

LT Wallet is a multi-ecological Smart quantitative trading wallet software

The team perfectly brings together gaming, blockchain, asset trading talent and a team with years of real-world operational experience that will provide strong support for LT Wallet.

Project Advantages

Professional Operation

Quality Team

sset Management

Security audit passed

Stephen Taylor

Founder of LT Wallet project, with more than ten years of experience in Internet industry development and management, familiar with mainstream blockchain technology architecture and principles, full-stack engineer, serial entrepreneur.

Ajit Powell

Co-founder of LT Wallet, he has 7 years of venture capital management experience and has provided strategic planning and business model design, organizational change and upgrade, and talent development services for several A-share listed companies.

James Middleton

As the lead expert at the Center for Blockchain Technology Research at Stanford University, a member of the LT Wallet Project's Nuclear Development Regimen He has deep technical skills in front-end HTML, CSS, JS, and is good at solving compatibility problems, and has a deep understanding of jQuery, Bootstrap, react, Less, Sass and other technical frameworks.